Discography 2006 to 2010




Sonic Vigil V (Various Artists)


Ultrasonic „Live“ at the Sonic Vigil V Festival, Christ Church, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork,Ireland.ÔÇĘ


Taurion concret

kaon/ ao10/ 3" CD-R

Soundscapes based on field recordings from Cédric Peyronnet.



Herbal International/ Herbal 1002/ CD

Field Recording



3LEAVES/ 3L002/ CD-R





Das Teilen der Flügel

and/OAR/ and.p35/ MP3

Composition, Field Recording


No Go Zones – Influence 100 (Various Artists)

Double Entendre/ DVD/ MP3

Composition, Field Recording




Schwarz (Giesela)


Composition, Field Recording


Autumn Leaves (Various Artists)

Gruenrekorder/ Gruen 053/ MP3

Field Recording




What More Do You Need Than A Recorder? (Various Artists)

Ambolthue Records/ AMBOLT-12/ CD-R

Field Recording


Rhythm (Various Artists)

Gruenrekorder/Cherry Music/ Gruen 050/ cherry-003/ CD

Field Recording


Soundrawing (Various Artists)

Transacoustic Research/ tres 007/ CD

Composition, Field Recording



Open Ear Music/ oem003/ CD-R

Field Recording


A Private Shade of Green (Various Artists)

Gruenrekorder/Privatelektro/Gr047/PC_CD: 08/CD-R

Field Recording


Location Study (Various Artists)

Dirty Demos/ DirtyCDR 016/ CD-R

Field Recording


Melt: Minnesota Remixed (Various Artists)

Wandering Ear/ we005/ MP3

Remix from „Thaw: Field Recordings From Minnesota“




Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 03 (Various Artists)

Gruenrekorder/ Gruen 041/ CD

Field Recording


Bend It Like Beckett (Various Artists)

Arttrail/ CD



Rot (Giesela)

Fieldmuzick/ fm.m01/ 3" CD-R+MP3

Composition, Field Recording


Recorded in the Field by… (Various Artists)

Gruenrekorder/ Gruen 033/ CD

Field Recording


Chemtrails (Various Artists)


Remix from „Which Chemicals Caused Jesus Christ?“ EP by Daniel Knef