Discography 2011 to Now




One Hour As Trees In Finland

and/OAR / and/47/ CD

Field Recording


Live at JääÔÇő-ÔÇőäär (David Rothenberg, Korhan Erel, Elliott Sharp, Lasse-Marc Riek)

tokafi/ MP3

Improvistation/Sound Art




von der rheinquelle bis hafen karlsruhe (Thomas M. Siefert and Lasse-Marc Riek)

Gruenrekorder/ Gruen 163/ CD

Field Recording



Alarm/ AT015/ Cassette

Field Recording


Animal Music – Sound & Song in the Natural World (Various Artists)

Gruenrekorder/ Book and CD

Field Recording




[rec.phonophon] - 5 Year Archive (Various Artists)

Not On Label/ CD

Field Recording





Gruenrekorder/ Gruen 109/ CD

Field Recording




Framework Seasonal Issue #2, Spring 2012 (Various Artist)

Framework Editions/ CDR

Field Recording


Sounds Like Silence – Cage/4’33″/Stille – 1912–1952–2012 (Various Artist)

Gruenrekorder/ Gruen 116/ CD

Field Recording


v-p v-f is v-n double [field] compilation series (Various Artist)

windsmeasurerecordings/ Double CDR

Field Recording


The Wire Tapper 30 (Various Artist)

Wire Magazine/ Issue 344/ CD

Field Recording




Below 20 Db (Various Artist)

Sound Museum Of Silence/ 001/ Digital

Field Recording


Below The Radar Special Edition: …a quiet position - edition two (Various Artist)

Wire Magazine/ BTRQUIET001/ Digital

Field Recording


Harsh Environments

Banned Production/ bp179/ Cassette

Field Recording


Saison Concréte

Semperflorens/ SF07/ CD



Explorations in Sound, Vol. 4 – The Sound of Live Performance (Various Artists)

Furthernoise/ FNCD007/ MP3

Improvistation/Sound Art