HEAVY METAL, Multichannel Installation, 2016

EXHIBITION (Selection)


Anemoi 4 Channel Version at “The Global Composition 2018: Sound, Ecology, and Media Culture” , Media Campus in Dieburg/ Hochschule Darmstadt’s Research Center for Digital Communication and Media Innovation (DKMI).


Schattenpfade - Multi Media Installation with Verena Freyschmidt (paper cut) at Akusmata, SOUND ART GALLERY, Helsinki.


Schattenpfade - Multi Media Installation with Verena Freyschmidt (paper cut) and Horst Weber (Light) at Ehemaliges Raiffeisenlagergebäude, Lich, Germany.


rhein_strom, Sound installation, Augmented-Reality-Installation/Audiowalk (App MyCity, MySounds) ZKM/ Kamuna 2017, Karlruhe, Germany.



ÜBERGÄNGE - with Konrad Franz, Alte Dorfkirche, Hausen, Germany.


HEAVY METAL, Sound installation, Fabrikhalle (Loch) Galerie Hoffmann, Kunstverein Friedberg, Friedberg, Germany.



Wind, Sound installation, Kunst in Kirchen, St. Anna in Ranstadt (Hessen), Germany.



Holz hören, Sound installation with Eckhard Kuchenbecker, Alte Dorfkirche, Hausen, Germany.


FEEDING BUZZ, Sound installation, The war which is coming is not the first one. Great war 1914-2014 (Group exhibition),

Mart/Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Roverto, Italy.



Klangsaiten, Sound installation with Stefan Militzer, Szenenwechsel # 7, Dialogmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.



Listen to your City, Sound installation with Christoph Korn, (Group exhibition), Copenhagen Art Festival,, Kopenhavn, Denmark.


Still Spot, Sound installation, (Group exhibition), Skylight Gallery, New York, USA.


Kalenderstück 07, IN-SONORA edition, Museum Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.



Riparian, Sound installation, Paivascapes #1 – Bianauralmedia, Hermitage of Paiva, Portugal.



Listening Room, Sound installation, „DATA“, Ennukapel, Tilburg, Netherlands.


sounds versus visuals, Sound installation, Kunstverein Friedberg, Germany.



Soundscapes, Sound installation, Munich, Germany.



Tür an Tür, Sound installation, Abbayé de Neumünster - CCRN, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.



Lichtspuren, Sound installation, Burg Ronneburg, Germany.



Strach Na Wroble, Sound installation, Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, Poland