A walk-in sound installation

What music do fauna and flora produce in Bansapark? What do trees sound like under drought stress? How does an alder sigh when it is thirsty? What song does the dog rose play? Can you even hear the hunting sounds of a bat? The Bansa pond and the surrounding park provide a habitat for various animal and insect species. The acoustic communication of these creatures is essential for life and brings us humans a little closer to their behaviour. Perhaps we can now hear the locating and hunting sounds of bats from the ultrasonic range or the stridulating of aquatic insects, the photosynthesis signals of plants from the Bansa pond?

Using various recording techniques and biodata sonification, sound artist Lasse-Marc Riek recorded animal and plant life in the Bansapark biotope in the early summer of 2023 and transformed it into soundscapes. The walk-in installation will be audible to visitors on site.

Sun - Sun 27.08. - 10.09.2023, Bansamühle, Neu Isenburg, Germany

The installation was shown and funded by KULTURFONDS Frankfurt/Rhein Main as part of KLANGKUNST IN INDUSTRIEKULTUR 2023.