Roland Etzin (Left) Lasse-Marc Riek (Right)


Run by Roland Etzin and Lasse-Marc Riek (2003-ongoing)

German record label for field recording, soundscapes and sound art. The releases are mainly published on CD and Vinyl, but they are also distributed on Tape as well as in digital formats (USB-Card, USB flash drives, WAV/MP3/FLAC). Although the focus lies on field recordings and soundscapes, the spectrum of the label also includes compilations and crossover projects up to the genre of New Music.

The label’s work output is not limited to the publication of sounds and music. It expands towards the field of working with and understanding of sound and phonography in general. Roland Etzin and Lasse-Marc Riek also operate as activists and artists in an international network and collaborate with different communities, organisations, scientists, authors and artists in various contexts.

The label is also involved in other projects and cooperations and hosts various events and mediation formats including concerts, workshops and lectures.

Gruenrekorder publishes a free bi-lingual online magazine called "Field notes", which contains essays, interviews and other texts which deal with the phenomenon of sound from scientific, philosophical and ecological perspectives.


Stream a mix by the Gruenrekorder label via The Wire (UK).



Das Label Gruenrekorder (Gruenrekorder) by Michael Rebhahn, WDR 3 Open Sounds (German)



Die Geschichte des Field Recording – Teil 6

Das Frankfurter Label Gruenrekorder (Gruenrekorder) by Michael Rebhahn, SWR2 (German)



Communicating and Living Sound (Gruenrekorder) by Miguel Isaza, Sonic Field (English)


10 Jahre Gruenrekorder (Gruenrekorder) by Michael Rüsenberg, Artist Corner, Hessischer Rundfunk (German)


An Interest In Sound (Gruenrekorder) Interview by Roger Batty, Musique Machine (English)

Grünes grün aufnehmen – Im Zeichen des Umweltschutzgedankens by Susanna Niedermayr, (German)

Gruenrekorder und Urban Sound Stories (PDF) by Anna Soucek, ORF Kunstradio (German)