Concertview_shot by Verena Freyschmidt


Within the exhibition "FLOW" by Evangelos Papadopoulos at the Museum Ratingen, Lasse-Marc Riek develops two sonic interventions. The sound of the video work "FLOW" has been created with a root. For this Riek explores the object with special contact microphones and generates sounds from it. Furthermore, ambient sounds and insects in the tree can be heard, representing the exterior of the root. These sounds appear strange and mysterious at the same time. An associative tapping develops into a sonic microscopic investigation of the object. Digital form and the sound enter into a stimulating dialogue.

ÔÇĘDuring the construction of the installation in the exhibition "FLOW", Lasse-Marc Riek recorded the sounds produced while developing the works. The screwing of sheetrock and wooden rods, the breaking of the boards and the respective linking in space. For this purpose, the artist stuck some microphones on the objects to acoustically record the process of finding the form. The physical act of Evangelos Papadopoulos thus receives an auditory translation. Riek is interested in the sounds in the in-between field, which do not receive direct attention. The artist composes sounds of the process of creation into a new sound piece.  (Text: Wilko Austermann)

Soundperformance from 05.12.2021