A sound atlas from 4 points of the compass

In the north of Thüringen, on the southern edge of the Hainleite, lies the small village of Kannawurf in Germany. For some years now, efforts have been focussed here not only on restoring and designing Kannawurf Castle and its immediate surroundings, but also on rethinking the way the surrounding landscape is treated. Numerous initiatives and projects are pursuing the goal of consciously and actively helping to shape the ongoing landscape change. The project "KlangKompassKannawurf" was created in this context.
Every place has its own specific sound, every situation sounds different. The method of listening walks developed from the Canadian soundscape movement involves exploring environments, places and situations by focussing on the sound. By sensitising the sense of hearing, new perspectives and impressions of the space walked through are created. What does the Kannawurf environment sound like and what specific sound locations are there? Following these questions, Riek wandered through the landscape with open ears, microphones and sensors at different times of the year and recorded sound locations. Starting from Kannawurf Castle, 4 sound locations were sonified and transformed into compositions. The compositions can be listened to. During the festival, Riek performed a temporary sound performance at the ruins of Sachsenburg Castle.

1. Soundwalk „Obere Sachsenburg“ 20:48 Min.

2. Soundwalk „Hainleite Höhe Kannawurf“ 21:52 Min.

3. Soundwalk „KlangRaum Kindelbrück“ 25:52 Min.

4. Soundwalk „Windkraftpark Sprötau“ 14:24 Min.

The Künstlerhaus Thüringen e.V. organised the symposium RESONANZEN_ Landschaft/Natur und Kunst im Kontext in close cooperation with the Akademie der Künste Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. from 2019 to 2022, at which scientific lectures and artistic contributions on the subject of landscape came together. This book brings together all the lectures and artistic contributions during the symposium as well as the results of a subsequent art project by 8 artists.

Foto: Wieland Krause,  Thomas Blase,  Elli-Mia Riek und Matti-Luca Riek