Riek (Left) Schmitt (Right) Foto by Anne Berit Riek


Series of concerts and soundwalks by Tobias Schmitt and Lasse-Marc Riek (2003-ongoing)

The duo utilize live exclusively sounds which they recorded at the location of the performance. These are being recorded a few days before the concert. Therefore the two artist search for prominent and specific sounds of the city, the village or the landscape. This can either result in playing with cliches or sounds which sound atypical at first. The collected material will be examined, sorted and cut before the performance to create a basic structure. The final result will be created live by means of improvisation. Processed and unprocessed sounds will be used equally. This results in a dialog of the place and the musicians, their subjective views on the setting and their working methods.

It is intended to record the events to contextualize them later in form of a release. This collection will make evident how the performances distinguish themselves due to their local character and therefore uniqueness.