Foto by Thomas M. Siefert


Audio work by Thomas M. Siefert and Lasse-Marc Riek (2004-ongoing)

How can we as humans in this day and age foster a relationship with the Rhine River, without lapsing back into modes of romanticism, when witnessing its remaining beauty in some rare places; without turning away in frustration and disillusionment, when confronted with the irreparable interventions it has undergone?

What is disclosed if we shift the focus from the dominant sense of vision to hearing?

Would you recognize the Rhine by its sound?

What other senses are helpful here?

Do I have enough senses at my command to answer this question?

Do I have to and can I develop further senses?

With these questions as a starting point the rhein_strom have approached the Rhine acoustically and visually on various locations and seasons during the last seven years. This resulted in the close examination of the ambient sound, the soundscape and the “sound entity” of the Rhine.

The “Rhine-soundscape” does not only sound like flowing, gurgling or slowly bobbing water. The soundscape also includes animals and humans who live by the river, who move and rest there.

In addition to the sound of the present, also the sound of the past was sought out: a listening back to what has remained; a listening forward to what could come.

The first release von der rheinquelle bis hafen karlsruhe was published by Gruenrekorder.